We Are A (Semi-Auto) Tommy Gun Dealer

My first and favorite rifle is a Tommy Gun, the very definition of the Classic American rifle, with its drum magazine and vertical foregrip that are instantly recognizable as a beautiful and serious firearm.  It is also a lot of fun to shoot because it has very little recoil and uses commonly available .45 acp rounds in a fifty-round magazine which minimizes reloading and provides entertainment to onlookers. 

New By Special Order $1700; price includes 20 round stick magazine, Stick magazine loader, Tommy Gun pin, 1 box Federal .45 acp, Ear plugs and FFL transfer fee for local pickup; or $2000 for 50 round drum; price includes above items plus Drum magazine pouch and extra 3rd hand for drum. 

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Our AR-556 Modern Version of The Tommy Gun

We offer a new American made Ruger AR-556 rifle with cosmetic modifications that resulted in a modern sporting rifle with the Classic good looks reminiscent of the Tommy Gun.   The furniture is new American Walnut, a short rail is included to attach a bipod, and top rail risers allow the iron sights to be used without removing the scope and also provide a very comfortable sighting height for the scope.  We can wrap brown tape around the included thirty-round magazines to better match the walnut, and either fifty or sixty round drum magazines are available to complete the look. 

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Ruger AR-556 with Walnut Furniture 

 NIB Ruger AR-556 with new Walnut Furniture, new NCstar Scope, New UTG Bipod with scope risers.   Click the right arrow on the rifle to view more pictures.

Our AR-57 Low Recoil and Low Noise Rifle

My wife's favorite rifle is now her AR-57.  The AR-57 fires the extremely low recoil 5.7mm round from its top loading fifty round magazine.  The scope is variable power and allows the magazine to be removed without removing the scope.  The foregrip and buttstock are set to comfortable positions for her, and an AR magazine collects the fired brass.  It is also incredibly easy to clean since the bolt is basically one solid piece that does not require disassembling to clean, as the Manual states:

"The bolt does not require anything more than wiping the surfaces of debris and light lubrication with a quality gun lubricant."

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AR-57 with 50 Round Magazine 

 Used AR-57 with new bipod, new vertical foregrip, new AIM Scope with scope risers.   Click the right arrow on the rifle to view more pictures.

Never Fired, New in the Box Smith&Wesson M&P 15-22

An excellent choice for anyone wanting to try target shooting without spending a lot of money.  22LR ammunition is readily available for under .10 cents per round.  You can fire at targets at 50 or 100 yards, and not experience any ill effects from recoil and without a very loud bang for your buck (although hearing protection is always recommended and required at any shooting range).  This package includes a red/green dot sight, one 25 round magazine and two boxes of 22LR ammunition.

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Work in Progress .224 Valkyrie

I have been working on putting together a .224 Valkyrie rifle for longer range shooting, in my case 300 yards is the range limit.  I found a very nice 20" barrel upper and BCG, and am trying some different lower receiver and scope combinations.  I am taking orders of interest for these, which will be available once I get a complete combination of parts and accessories I like.  Scope, foregrip, bipod, magazine and ammunition will be included in the final configuration.

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