Very Nice Ruger SP101 with a 3" Barrel

 Ruger SP101 with the hard to find 3" barrel, nice stainless finish, original grips, 5 shot cylinder for .357 Magnum or .38 Special.  Clean and Ready to Shoot.  Click the right arrow on the gun to view more pictures.           

Never Fired, New in the Box Smith&Wesson .380 Shield EZ

My wife and I came across these pistols at the NRA Convention in Dallas at the Smith & Wesson booth.  Fantastic for anyone who has trouble racking the slide; it is almost like the recoil spring is missing it is so smooth and easy to rack.  It also disassembles for cleaning easily, similar to Sigs, and has very little recoil.  It is also big enough to hold on to without being too big to control.  Very nicely done.  We had to buy one as soon as we got back from the convention and had fun shooting it, it really is very different from any other pistol, and allows more people to have more fun at the range.

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Smith&Wesson 60-15 .357 Magnum 3" barrel

I came across this revolver and just had to have it. Stainless steel with a 3" barrel which I believe is optimal for carrying and very nice for target shooting.  I had to put Diamond Pro grips on it so I can actually fire .357s without my hand turning red.  It is J frame, 5 rounds and fun to shoot.  This gun is NOT recommended for the casual or inexperienced shooter because the trigger pull seems smoother and lighter than other revolvers so it takes some care and familiarity to handle and fire it properly.

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