​Every gun we deliver comes with 1) two ear plugs - either green or pink, and  2) a trigger lock - Cable locks are available for $5 or $10 extra.  Handguns come with 3) a gun rug - Allen suede gun rug is available for $20 extra.   All items may be purchased separately. 
We also have available for sale  1) Muddy Girl gun rug for $20, 2) official Tommy Gun pin $10,

3) Southern Fried Shootin refrigerator magnet $1 and

4) Southern Fried Shootin retractable pen $2. 

​We accept credit cards without extra fees, 1) American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover.  We have 2) gun magnets, these are really strong magnets, to secure a handgun out of sight yet still readily available $10 which comes with 2 screws and a plastic cover to protect the finish of the gun.  
Our 1) brass bucket - the bucket is not made of brass, it is for your fired brass, about 50 rounds, at the Range, comes with a USA Olympic sticker $3, and 2) an excellent book Safety On for grandchildren and children to teach them what to do and what not to do if they encounter firearms $20.  

Southern Fried Shootin Target Stand

Our target stand is made from readily available PVC pipes and connectors.  The height can be adjusted by adding, deleting or making smaller intermediate sections.  The two ears are for Clay Perches which we find more fun to shoot at than paper.  The corrugated plastic bullseye can be used many times since a paper target can be stapled over it.  Any pvc pieces that get shot up can be easily replaced with spare parts since they are not glued together.  A couple of 5 pound dumb bells on top of the base will keep the Target Stand remaining upright in light winds.  Target Stand Plans are $5.  A complete set of cut pipes and connectors and two bullseye targets is $40.   Bullseye targets are available separately for $3.

​We offer two different paper targets to staple on top of the corrugated plastic bullseye target on our Target Stand.  The 1) Splatterblast targets $1 are 12" diameter and hits can be seen from 50 yards, maybe 100 yards for younger eyes. The 2) GlowShot targets 2 for $1 are 10" diameter and hits can be seen from 50 yards.  We find the larger bullseye targets more fun to shoot at since they are easier to hit.   
We also have 1) Pigeon Perches $20 that fit into the ears on our Target Stand.  The rubber clay holders reseal themselves, not perfectly, when they get shot; the metal rods do bend significantly with a direct hit; careful pounding with a hammer will straighten them out, a few times.  Our 2) T Shirts $20 are available in two sizes M and L, and two colors grey and coral. The Tommy Gun is on the back, the wings are over the left front pocket area.