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Southern Fried Shootin is a Family Owned Business Aiming to Make Target Shooting More Fun For Men and Women

We like to go target shooting, usually every week; it is fun and a great stress reliever.  We have made a personal choice to not hunt because we enjoy shooting without harming anything.  We would also like women to know that they can enjoy shooting without killing anything and that there are many firearms available that they can feel comfortable handling and firing.  We find that punching holes in paper or blowing up a clay pigeon fifty yards away with a pistol is very satisfying and feels like a genuine accomplishment. 

​These are a few of my favorite things currently in stock.  

Top Left, New Smith&Wesson M&P 15-22 with one magazine and Smith&Wesson Red/Green Dot sight. Used AR-5.7x28 with Scope, Bipod, Vertical Foregrip, One 50-round magazine, and one magazine to catch fired brass.  Top Right, New Sigs (2)  P938 9mm, my recommended carry gun. New Smith&Wesson 637-2 .38+P Revolver. New Smith&Wesson M&P Shield .380 EZ. 


We accept these credit cards without additional fees.

Our Guidelines

Dress Code Suggestions

Glasses, sunglasses or shooting glasses are a Safety "must have" at any shooting range.  Likewise either ear plugs or ear muffs are a Safety necessity.  Women are cautioned against low cut tops that can collect hot brass and channel it where it does not belong. 

Competition Categories

We prefer to compete only against ourselves.  A nice shot should be appreciated no matter who makes it or even if it is better than you can do.  You can practice shooting and become better naturally while you and everyone else are having fun. 

Scoring Responsibility

Casually keep track of the number of bullseyes you hit and the number of clays you blow up, but keep it in perspective.  Hitting a clay at three hundred yards using iron sights is exciting and a huge personal accomplishment.

Competition Divisions

The worst idea for any competition is to have "men against women" because no one will win no matter how it turns out.  New shooters should be encouraged and complimented so they will be more comfortable while shooting. 


Unless  you are in Law Enforcement or Security services you probably will not be wearing a holstered gun on your hip.  However, please keep any firearm you carry in a holster that covers the trigger to avoid a big oops. 

Shooter Responsibility

Be safe. 

                     Have fun.


 Be safe.

                               Have fun.